Transfer pathways from community colleges to HBCUs

  • Transfer pathways from community colleges to HBCUs

    Posted by Sarah Diehl on May 20, 2024 at 1:29 pm

    This article reminded me of one of the key reasons why community colleges are important as pathways to four-year schools mentioned in the video shared earlier this week.

    Not all states have HBCUs, so for students who are interested in that experience but aren’t able to start at one, institutional relationships and strong transfer pathways can help more students reach their goals of graduating at their dream institution even if they can’t start there.

    The article talks about a Michigan community college that has transfer agreements with seven HBCUs across four states! Transferring can be tricky and understanding the credits process can be hard for young students. It’s the institution’s responsibility to help students transfer and programs like this are a great option.

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