Deepen learning online through multimedia timeline activities

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Have students use concept maps and other visual tools to organize thinking and deepen learning

Deepening learning through multimedia timeline activities

Engage students in creating interactive timelines to organize thinking, demonstrate understanding of complex course concepts, and to contribute to their learning community. Timeline assignments can help students develop digital literacy skills by searching for, evaluating, and organizing digital media to illustrate course concepts. Timeline-based assignments can meet a variety of learning objectives including the analysis or comparison of different time periods, developing historical contexts, illustrating complex processes, etc. (Picard & Bruff, 2016). As an individual or group assignment, students can search for, upload, or link to appropriate multimedia resources including videos, images, graphics, research articles, blogs, etc. to demonstrate understanding. In small groups, these assignments also support student development of other career-ready skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

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