Use Jigsaw for mastery

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Use Analytic Teams for problem solving and analysis

Using Analytic Teams allows students the opportunity to practice problem-solving and analysis. Select a problem or issue related to your course learning outcomes. Form groups of five to six students depending on the roles that are most appropriate for the assignment. Possible roles include the proponent, critic, illustrator, skeptic, and summarizer. Assign each student in each group one of the roles. Describe the product to be created such as a report, presentation, or blog, and provide a rubric for the learning product with clear criteria.

View or download instructions for implementing the Analytic Teams activity in an online environment.

Assign group member roles

Assigning group members roles gives students a purpose for participating and ensures that various aspects of the task get addressed. This practice also gives students practice in assuming group roles common in the work environment (Barkley, Cross, & Major, 2014).

Download a resource on assigning group member roles.