Reply To: Ideas at Work: Benefits of Community Colleges

  • Barbara Rodriguez, PhD

    May 8, 2024 at 12:21 pm

    Mary Kate, you’ve made some excellent points in your post. I think you’re spot on about finding the balance where community college’s serve as a “soft spot to land” while also preparing students to transfer. I’ve taught at the community college level for 27 years, so I “get where you’re coming from.” In this group, we can serve as resources to each other by lamenting on occasion 🙂 and sharing examples of how we have met students where they were and effectively prepared them to transfer or prepared them for the workforce. While I may lament about my students more than I should, I would not want to teach at any other level. The community college is truly were dreams can come true!

    @mkterrelluaptc-edu We’ll focus on this discussion prompt for awhile as we wait for more of our community colleagues to engage.